About Me

A little bit of Hippie

A little bit of Rock

A whole lot of Chaos and Coffee

Hey there, I’m Petra! I’m a 40-something crochet designer & wood-burning artist living in near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. 

I started crocheting and designing in 1991 and a few years later added pyrography as another skills. I love making things and find myself inspired by nature, the 70’s and life in general, which means I also paint, create jewelry and anything else I feel inspired to do. 

I am a mom of three boys, the inspiration behind the name of my business and became an extra needs mom when my youngest son came into the world. To say that life is not chaotic would be utter and complete fiction! 

Aside from crafting, I love being outdoors, listen to music and drink mass amounts of coffee and all of those can be considered my happy place.  

When I am not creating and making things, I blog and mentor other creatives on how to get over fear, remove limiting beliefs and start action on those dreams that have been lingering around for way too many years.