I think it’s always fun to look back at your work over the years to see your own progress and the improvements you’ve made.

When I first started wood-burning you can tell I was still a beginner in this craft.

This was one of my very first pieces when I started. It was heavy on the outlines and I hadn’t fully grasped the concept of shading.

Also one of my first pieces but I can see where shading started to emerge in my work.

This was one of my first custom commission pieces – I am really noticing being a beginner here.

This commission is a huge contrast compared to the one above. But I also see the improvements I could have made now that it’s been a few years.

And this Hawk was one of my first original pieces I have ever made. I donated it to a wildlife center nearby for their annual banquet to raise funds.

A lot of people have confused him with an owl and I don’t see the resemblance but that’s art for you – everyone see’s something different.

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