Create a handmade life by living the way you want to live but also by using your hands to create something magical!

And as much as I love creating myself – from crochet to jewelry, to painting, to wood-burning, I also to promote other artists – and it doesn’t matter where they sell their creations as long as they are indeed handmade.

In our monthly newsletter, you will find a curated gift list of all things handmade. It will go out the first Saturday of every month for the months prior – so all of November, I’ll be sharing the gift guide for December.

This will give you enough time to explore and find the perfect handmade creation for your gift-giving needs.

Create a handmade life is definitely about designing how you show up every day in your own world and in whatever way it makes sense to you.

For me, it’s allowed me to get out of debt, create amazing little gifts for special occasions and one of the biggest why’s in my life, to stay home with my kids – especially with the youngest who with his extra needs makes it a bit tough to have a regular day job.

And exploring different arts and crafts, learning new techniques, developing my own designs and sharing all of that with the world, has been a long-time passion of mine.

In 2010, I ventured into the world of promoting and selling the handmade creations of artists in the local community I lived it. It was amazing and to this day people ask me to bring it back – but I much prefer to be location independent and do this kind of thing online.

And this is why I decided to create an exclusively curated list that you can access via subscribing to my newsletter. And when you sign up, you also receive a coupon code for 15% off – that’s like a double win.

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