Crochet hats for fall and winter are here as the cooler weather has arrived! The hats are made with soft acrylic yarn and will look wand feels amazing while keeping your head warm. The hats will go with your stylish wardrobe of casual or dressy.

The hats take about an hour to make once I get an inspiration for a pattern and design. Sometimes this means having a staring contest with the yarn calling in what kind of hat it would like to become.

Most of my hats are great for teenagers and adults as they measure around 19-22 inches and are 7 inches tall from brim to top. The hats in the ship are ready to ship but I am also happy to take custom orders which you can do here: Message Me!

I will be releasing more crochet hats over the next coming weeks as I have so much yarn that it almost feels overwhelming on what to do with it. And yet, it’s not enough to get a solid blanket out of them. I inherited the amazing stash of yarn from a dear friend and am now finding amazing ideas to create with it.

Please note that computer screens may have the colors a little off.

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