I know spring just arrived but that means summer is going to follow and depending on where you are, it could be a hot one. And it got me thinking, like I tend to do, how about some crochet summer tops.

I am combining different patterns based on personal style and preferences and in a way I suppose am making these my own. I have a lot of yarn that is perfect for lighweight crochet tops.

This is the first of several that I’ve had in my head but it’s not quite finished.

Threads need to be sown in but also I am adding a white band with elastic so that it will stay snug and no boobage is showing through.

The size of this one fits me and I am about a 5/6 give or take. I am planning on creating different sizes and if you’re interested in a crochet top to be a custom size, the best thing to do is to get in touch with me.

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