Hats are all the rage no matter the season, some serve a purpose while other’s are for decoration only. And for some, the hat is used as a fashion statement. During the cooler months, I can often be found wearing one of my crochet hats simply to keep my noggin warm but also make a fashion statement.

Some people use this in cold climates since the thickness of the yarn makes the head feel warm. There are a lot of people who make crochet patterns and these are not always in plain color. Those that do well use a bit of imagination and ingenuity to make each piece a work of art that those around will really appreciate.

I love crochet animal hats no matter the season or the reason. When I first started, people would ask for a specific animal and I would work out the pattern to make it happen! Although, the fashion world follows 4 seasons. This is spring, summer, fall, and winter. Crochet patterns for the hat and the colors that are used also applies here.

During the first half of the year since the snow has not melted yet, patterns for the hat have the lighter color shade. Small stitches of a darker color can be used to blend well with it. Other things that can be added are lines or stripes at the top of the hat or along the sides.

The arrival of spring enables the person to still make hats with light colors. Putting birds and butterflies in the center of the hat or on the sides will really the hat look good. Others would like different shapes which are perfectly safe as long as the general color is in with the season.

Light colors changed to dark ones with the coming of the fall season. The hats should be in colors such as dark blue or navy, black, violet, grey to name a few. With the leaves beginning to fall, putting some artwork about nature will still be able to give it a nice touch.

There is so much that the person can do with winter on the way. Hats can still be dark but touches of red and black are best. Christmas trees in green, snowflakes in white are a good combination during this time that will really bring out the holiday spirit.

There are many ways that crochet patterns can be done and with practice, the person will be able to make one without the help of an instructional video or book. Hats are for everybody. For those who want a young look, getting one with this style will really make the standout.


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