Crochet is such an ideal craft for wonderful accessories that you can share with family and friends, like hats, socks, and scarves.

One of the easiest and ideal gifts to give is a scarf to give to family and friends. It is simply a long and narrow piece of textile worn over the head or around the neck. It keeps the hair covered and clean especially during a commute.

You can give it your own personal touch and your own details using whatever color will suit your taste or in the favorite colors of your family and friends.

How the Craft of Crochet Came About

Many theories have come up as regards the history of crochet. Some believe that people early on have been doing this with the use of mere fingers, and if you search finger crochet you’ll find people still do this today. Some would say that it was plainly part of the sewing duties of a nun.

It is worth mentioning that the craft of crocheting had been a status symbol in the 16th century. Women members of the high society are the only ones who share the skill of crocheting. It was only in the 1800ís when the craft became accessible to the majority of the public.

This craft then spread through many households and families. Women will often be found crocheting something for the household. The skill then is passed on from one generation to another, with the elders teaching the younger ones how to. And now you can find men enjoying this craft as well as sharing their finished product and even teaching you how to crochet.

Some people would actually think that crocheting is something for the old person or the old maid. However, that isn’t true because people of all ages are found to crochet. I started when I was 17 while expecting my first child and it was a great way to kill time.

One of the things I like about crochet is that it doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby because all you need is yarn, hook and dedicate a few minutes of your time for each day.

Learning How to Crochet

Before starting, be sure to have all the supplies needed, the crochet hook, the yarn, and the pattern.

Most crochet designs start with a slip stitch and a chain of stitches which making this the first step to learn. In addition, leaning the language and becoming familiar with the terms used in crochet, as well in the symbols or legends implemented. This will be very critical when you get crochet patterns and designs.

Getting Great Crochet Scarf Patterns

There may be craft stores in your locality that offer patterns. However, the choices can be very limited in whatever stock they only have.

The next best step is to go online. The Internet offers a wide variety of choices. There are endless lists out there. Some websites offer instructions book with patterns for a value and will have it delivered to your doorstep.

There are sites that give e-books. This is a better option as you can easily get hold of that pattern in minutes, rather than wait for days before it gets delivered. All you have to do is to print the pattern and you can crochet wherever you please.

The best choice yet is to get that perfect crochet scarf for free. You can easily surf the net for websites that offer free patterns. Simply type the keywords ëfree crochet scarf patternsí in the search engine.

The results can lead you to numerous websites. Simply click on a link and explore until you find one that best suits your taste.

You can also join discussion groups and forums to meet other people who are into crocheting also. This is one good way to meet friends and also to have someone to exchange tips with even trade patterns with.

So, grab those crochet supplies now and hold on to a great scarf pattern.

Happy crocheting to you!

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