I don’t really have a favorite brand – although I used to at one point. For my crochet animal hats, I’ve only ever used Vanna’s Choice yarn. The price was reasonable and the hats will keep the noggin warm for sure.

When it comes to choosing wood – it’s really a matter of what is safe to use and what natural wood or purchased plaque appeals to me. I think when it comes to buying I’ve moved away from going to Michael’s and I only shop at A.C. Moore now – it’s also more convenient since it’s 10 minutes down the road.

I recently was gifted an abundance of supplies – a mix of canvas, wood, and yarn. Some of the brands are almost vintage from looking at the labels. But that appeals to me. I have a thing for vintage crochet patterns and crafts – and even though macrame and pyrography stay current, there’s a part that definitely falls into the vintage category.

Green Stocking Ornament Set

These mini-stockings for example, are made with yarn that was purchased sometime in the ’70s and ’80s and was donated to me when I had my artisan store a few years back.

And I purposely have patterns that feature vintage-ish designs like this top right here – staring out with a granny square before becoming a shirt.

So as far as favorite brands go, I don’t really have any because it depends on texture, feel and design and a few other things. But I have a favorite style that’s for sure.

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