I am eliminating the Fence Board Signs and Paintings from the product line which means that they are now on sale until they are gone!

It’s not that I don’t love to paint, I do, but I am narrowing down my focus just a little as to not have too many fires going on all at once and burn myself out in the process. And I need to make space on my wall for new wood-burnings that are going to happen as I have a ton of new things planned for the new year.

I will more than likely still keep the canvas painting as the mood strikes and the ornaments. Below you can see just some of the fence board signs I have made that are currently on sale.

Please click here to see the entire line of fence board paintings that are looking for a new space to hang out.

So be sure to get one … these are giving off a rustic feel for the inside of the home. They are not designed to hang outside as they are only protected with polyurethane!

If you want to place them outside, just add a protectant or refresh the polyurethane every few months.

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