National Coffee Day is September 29th, it’s also my birthday, which is quite hilarious because I am a coffee fanatic and can’t live without that delicious nectar of the gods!

I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 13 and even though I have tried to let go of coffee, I can’t. I simply can’t. It’s one of my favorite drinks but I only drink it black.

You will find plenty of places celebrating the national coffee day by offering free coffee!

For many, coffee is part of their morning routine and when you smell that aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee, there’s really nothing like it.

And let’s not forget that coffee is good for your brain because it produces dopamine and adrenaline, which helps you remember things. Studies show that regular coffee consumption can reduce the likelihood of developing dementia by as much as 65%!

How do you take your coffee? With caffeine of course! Because anything else is quite unacceptable.

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Coffee Goddess

Caffeine is the Roman goddess of energy, stamina, and determination, portrayed a beautiful woman rising from a coffee cup, the goddess Caffeina gives clear thought, energy, and creativity.

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For many, coffee is just as important as that daily Vitamin C.

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