Creating art on wood comes pretty natural to me and I always have some extra pieces around. It helps that I also live in about 2 acres of land with lots of trees. Of course, if you don’t have the acreage of trees, then your closest craft store should have tree slices available for purchase.

A few years ago, I started adding wood ornaments to my creations and they are fun and can be personalized however you like!

Once you have your tree slices, you will want to sand them to achieve a smooth surface. I have a handheld sander but regular sandpaper will do. If at all possible, do the sanding outside and use a mask to prevent inhaling the sawdust.

Think about the designs you are going to create and choose how they are going to hang from your tree. You can drill a hole as I did and add twine, or use eye hooks to screw them in on top, depending on the width of the tree slice.

Now how will you decorate them?

You can wood-burn designs on the wood slice like the buck ornament above.

Or you can paint them as I did with this one. 

You could also use markers, and glitter and whatever another way you would like to decorate them.

Below are a few I have done in the past!



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