If you’ve been following my 30-day blog series for March so far then you’ll know I’ve recently written about my favorite colors.

And while I am a huge fan of purple and teal that doesn’t mean I don’t like other colors. Pink is the universal color of love and my favorite combination is either pink, white and red or pink, white and black.

Crochet Sweethearts Blanket

Like this Sweetheart’s Granny Square Crochet blanket.

It drapes and wraps beautifully, and at 46″ by 34″  inches is sized for use as either as a small afghan, a large lapghan or toddler blanket.

Skull Baby Blanket and Hat

As someone who loves punk and heavy metal music, I know that I can’t be the only one that appreciates a little bit of skull work! And pink, white and black just really goes together, don’t you think?

Pink Flower Hexagon Crochet Baby Blanket

But I can’t help myself when it comes to red, white and pink.

This Hexagon crochet blanket measures 34″ x 27″ and is perfect for covering the baby during strolls or cuddles.

I am sure I’ll continue to use this color combination the future once I finish the projects I have going on right now.

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