Do you know why I love handcrafting?

Because it’s absolutely magical to be able to take a variety of materials and create something with your own hands and your imagination. But it’s also therapeutic and a tool to help manage mental health, to decompress and release the stress – to just forget about the world for a little while.

I’ve been crafting my entire life – ok as long as I can remember anyways and during my first pregnancy, I needed something to do – that was in 1991/92 and if you ask people around me they can’t imagine me not creating something. And it isn’t just one specific craft – although pyrography and crochet are my specialties – I love playing around with different materials all the time.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about the Handmade with Love Super Bundle created by my friends at Ultimate Bundles. 🙂

Whether your passion is Quilting, Sewing, Crocheting, Appliquéeing, Embroidering, Knitting, Cross-Stitching, Dyeing, or handcrafting in general…

(Or if you’re totally new to this but inspired to give it a try!)

…this time-and-money-saving bundle will help you spend less time prepping and more time making.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 200+ stylish, modern patternsyou can’t get in big box stores
  • Clear instructions, tutorials, and material lists for each project
  • Projects for all skill levels — from complete beginner to seasoned expert
  • Online courses to sharpen your skills (or teach you new ones)
  • Enchanting, trendy designs for just-your-style home decor and accents
  • Darling handmade gift ideas for babies, children, and adults (perfect for the holidays!)

And last but not least, you’ll get serious savings — over $1,000 worth of patterns, designs, and instructions for only $47.

That’s a 95% discount on an incredible digital collection of 200+ patterns, projects, and step-by-step tutorials for literally months (or years!) of handcrafting bliss.

Get the Handmade with Love Super Bundle for only $47

This bundle is backed by a 30-Day Happiness Guarantee, so you’re welcome to give it a try and return it later if it’s not a good fit.

But with so many patterns, projects, and styles of crafting included, I’m confident you’re going to LOVE it.

(Or maybe you know a friend, family member or even child who would be in crafting heaven? It’s the perfect gift!)

Get the Handmade with Love Super Bundle for only $47

What are you waiting for?

Go create something beautiful! 🙂

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