I’ve made a last minute decision to join the #the100dayproject this year. My challenge was what project I would be focusing on and as I was mulling it over, because I wanted something that was relatively small and wouldn’t take a tremendous amount of time, I chose to go with Tagua Nut pendants.

Tagua Nut is a little more challenging to burn on as it’s a lot harder than wood. It’s referred to as the vegetable ivory as the consistency is about the same.

I’ve toyed with the idea to carve as well instead of just burning images on them, so we will see how the next hundred days unfold. And you can follow along the journey.

I will be adding to this post every day for the next 100 days so that everything is in one spot. You can, of course, follow me on Instagram.

Day 9 and I decided to change my focus for two reasons:
1) I need to order more Tagua Nuts
2) I have over 100 wood pieces just waiting on me

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