I’ve come to a point in my life that everything makes sense. I am in the middle of building The Rebels Den Membership and while the creativity of Three Times Chaos fits into the scheme of things, there is an element I want and need to keep separate. And that is how Patreon fits into the pictures.

Over the years, when I shared my art with the world there are few things I’ve been hearing:

  • I’m not that talented
  • I’m not creative
  • I don’t have the skills

And the list could go on and on and on and truth be told, I’ve been there myself. Everything I know when it comes to wood-burning, crochet, jewelry making and the like is because I am self-taught. I never attended art school but instead just followed my own inner notions to learn a skill or a craft.

I believe if we want to learn a skill we can and that we can with practice learn a talent and embrace the creativity that is lurking underneath. And some people during my travels have encourage me to show people the HOW of things.

So what’s the plan with Patreon and what will I do with the blog?

I will still be blogging here – and probably cross-post over on Patreon but there are tutorials, behind the scenes, patterns, and more that I’ll be sharing specifically on Patreon.

I have a financial goal I want to achieve and that is hiring someone that can help me out in some of the duties of running my business – specifically my art business.

One of my passions has always been being of service in some kind of a way and having a Patreon allows me to do that because again, if you really want to learn a craft of some kind, I fully believe that it can happen.

It requires a few elements of commitment and staying the course – even when things get challenging.

What are your rewards for supporting my art shenanigans?

Depending on the tier you choose, these are the rewards you can expect to see!

  • Patreon Only Blog Posts
  • Sneak Peeks
  • Discount in my shop
  • Behind the Scenes + Video Updates 
  • Monthly PDF Patterns (Crochet or Pyrography) 
  • Monthly Video Tutorials
  • Token of Appreciation mailed to you

The pdf patterns will probably expand into macrame and more, but I thought to start off with crochet and pyrography. Of course, I would love to hear from you in what YOU would like to see behind closed doors.

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