Just the other day,  I told you about the Handmade with Love Super Bundle, a curated collection of 200+ patterns and tutorials for delightfully modern handcrafting projects!

And here’s something that people have been asking me for the better of 20 years:

You made that?

Which then leads people to share that they wish they were creative and have talent.

And that’s the thing, everyone has talent and creativity, you just have to explore the many options until you find your sweet spot. So why not start with this handmade bundle?

Right now, you can save 95% and get the entire bundle for just $47.

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But in case you’re on the fence or still have questions, I want to tell you more about what’s included in this huge collection of handcrafting projects, patterns and online courses.

First, if you’re new to handcrafting, this bundle is PERFECT for you because it’s a chance to sample dozens of styles and techniques to find the ones you enjoy the most.

Or, if you’re more experienced, you might already know what styles and techniques you enjoy.

So here are two reasons why this bundle is a terrific value for you:

It’s HUGE.

So, let’s say you’re only into quilting. Good news – the quilting resources in this bundle are worth almost $150 by themselves. You’re still saving almost 70% even if you never touch the other products.

(And the same goes for basically every category or craft type represented in the bundle, even if quilting isn’t your thing.)

 It’s a practically free way to learn something new.

Since you’re paying for the products you know you’ll enjoy, you can think of the others as free bonuses — and a chance to learn a new technique you’ve always wanted to try.

(Like sewing, crocheting, weaving, appliquéeing, embroidering, quilting, knitting, cross stitching, fabric dyeing, and more!)

This bundle is stuffed with so many patterns, eBooks, and eCourses, you would normally have to spend over $1,000 to buy them all individually.

But with the Handmade with Love Super Bundle, you can save 95% and get the entire collection for only $47.

It’s a chance to save money and — more importantly — save time, so you can dive right into hours of happy handcrafting projects.

Get your bundle here 

And remember, if you’re unhappy with this bundle for any reason, Ultimate Bundles has you covered with their 30-Day Happiness Guarantee.

Whether you’re new to crafting, or looking for an affordable way to fuel your favorite addiction, this bundle is the perfect way to treat yourself.

So jump right in and start making. 

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