Coloring is great for your mental, emotional and intellectual health!

Coloring is a form of active meditation and will promote relaxation, reduce stress and spark your creativity. In addition, it will ignite mindfulness, improve your concentration and your attention to detail as it stimulates your brain and senses.

Feeling down, stuck or frustrated?

Coloring can help you refocus towards positive thinking while taking your mind off the worries and anxieties. In addition, it can help you solve problems you may be facing without going crazy in the process.

Hi, I’m Petra.

I’m a mom of three boys, one with some extra needs. It’s in the parenting journey of an extra needs kid, I found comfort and maintaining calm in a crisis while coloring.

In 2008, my son received what would be his first of three transplants. Due to several complications, things didn’t go as smoothly as one would hope and we found ourselves living in the intensive care unit for months on end.

As a wood-burning artist, I couldn’t bring my supplies into the ICU and had to find a different way of creating. I ventured into doodling and found that it was helping me in the process as we faced quite an uncertain future.

And yes, he is doing well today, better than one could hope, and I still find coloring one of the most calming and therapeutic activities. As someone who struggles to meditate by just sitting there, I found that coloring is indeed a form or active meditation with the same results.

Creating coloring pages is only part of my world, as I also am a blogger at The Rebels Den because writing is equally important to me and it’s just another way for me to share how one could improve their own life and honor themselves.


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