Moose Pyrography

Every now and then when I do some image searches for reference I come across royalty free images such as this Moose. The face of the moose drew me in and I felt like I had to wood-burn this guy. Like I mean look at him, he's so stinking cute! And if you have a thing...

How to make a Dried Flower Wreath

Dried flower wreaths can be especially beautiful and add that little bit of elegance to the interior of your home, or can be used as a door wreath, as you prefer. You can hang them on a mirror of a buffet cabinet in the dining room or on a round wall mirror in the...

Make your own Candles

I love candles and if they weren't such a fire hazard when I leave a room, I'd have them burning all over. Sounds spooky and romantic all that the same time, to have candles burning all over your house. A candle, consisting of an internal wick and a column of solid...

Bring out your inner child!

ColoringĀ helps you be mindful and be in the moment and unplug from the noise that is going on around you.

In my own personal life, coloring has helped me to keep my thoughts in check and get me through some challenging days.

Plan your month and while coloring the stress away or find solutions. Every monthly coloring packages comes with 31 pages for you to print at home.

Halloween – The month of Horror – Part One

Halloween – The month of Horror – Part One

It all started with creating a wood-burning piece for Scoops and Mischief Annual Scares that Care Charity Event. And of course, Halloween - the month of horror is here. Last year Scoops and Mischief donated $2,700 and they increased their goal to $5000. There will be...

Fall Sale for your Holiday Gifts

Fall Sale for your Holiday Gifts

It's the end of summer and that means it's time for a fall sale. Christmas is 93 days away and if you're looking for handmade - whether unique or practical then this is the time to get started. Some of the reasons you will want to jump on this sale is: You'll be ahead...

Be, Do, Have Coloring Book

Be, Do, Have Coloring Book

Be, Do Have Affirmations Coloring Book What would you like to be, do and have? It has taken me months to create the images, edit them and then finally compile them into a book. After my first coloring book, I was so excited that this idea came to me not too soon...



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